Andrius Kaniava invites you to listen to the songs of “Senojo Antikvariato”.

2022 m. 11 December 4 pm. Andrius Kaniava, songwriter and performer, together with his stage companions – violinist Tadas Dešukas and accompanying artist Gintare Baueryte, invite you to an acoustic evening at Taujėnai Manor, where they will shake off the dust of the songs on the album “Antikvariatas”. Andrius Kaniava, who is constantly asked by the audience why the songs of “Antikvariat” are not playing, has finally got ready to remember them, put on a different outfit and is going to make his listeners happy with it.

In July 2009, the actor’s second album “Antiques” was released. Welcoming the latest album, which had been three years in the making and was uncharacteristically “indecently” long for these times, Andrius Kaniava said: “An antique shop is a place for selling or displaying old things that are not linked by history, time, or display. A place that exists only because of the passage of time, its consequences, and for which the passage of time is useful. This is true for all twelve songs on the album.”

“I am encouraged by many to organise author meetings. I don’t want to. I think a concert is the best meeting. Then I look at how the audience has changed, whether a new generation has come. Logically, they look at me too – what happened to me. I feel guilty that I have rarely performed these songs lately. At the concert “Senasis Antikvariatas” at Taujėnai Manor, I will repay this debt to the audience – says Andrius Kaniava, singing actor.
The concert is invited by the experts of good music “Bardai LT”.