We invite you to relax and feel new experiences with massage master Monika – a professional massage therapist, artist and inspirer of conscious living.

I follow the rule “a healthy body, a healthy soul”, because only a person who takes care of his body and mind can feel the joy of wholeness in himself.

I always encourage people to pay attention to the health messages they receive. I encourage him to look deeply into what caused the pain and not to be afraid to find ways of solving the problems in a way that is acceptable to him. Self-knowledge helps to free us from the habits of our personality, from the boundary lines that drive us to dead ends – only by walking the path of awareness do we have the opportunity to be ourselves and gain the wisdom to understand others.

Massage helps you feel calm and get to know yourself better. It can help reduce muscle and psycho-emotional tension, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps to speed up the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands. The massage removes squamous epidermal cells from the surface of the body, allowing the skin to breathe better, become more elastic and smoother. All of this gives a healthy person a feeling of invigoration and increased work capacity, while a relaxing massage for a sick person reduces pain and fatigue. Regular treatments improve attention, digestive function and strengthen the nervous system.