Have you ever wanted to learn how to survive in nature? Or have you imagined yourself stranded on an uninhabited island?

In the new Taujėnai Manor education programme for teams of up to 30 people, professionals will teach you how to prepare water for consumption in natural conditions, how to light a fire, how to read maps, and how to set up a temporary dwelling.

Duration – 2 hours.
Price – 150 euros.

You will see or try everything out in practice, and you can consolidate your knowledge in the “Quarter Relay” game: you will have to find the points on the map, pick up the boxes and use the contents to complete the tasks on your return.

Duration of the education with game – 4 hours.
Price – 200 euros + 5 euros per person.

The price does not include the Taujėnai Manor Park entrance fee.