Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Taujėnai Manor during various events.

Upcoming or ongoing events

Upcoming or ongoing events

End of events

End of events

  • We invite you to visit Taujėnai Manor!

  • Ice Sculpture Festival “Ice Tales”

  • New Year’s Eve celebration at Taujėnai Manor

  • Christmas lantern making and sauna treatments for women at Taujėnai Manor

  • Halloween at Taujėnai Manor

  • Kazimieras Jakutis’ musical journey The White Wolf

  • Perfume creation “Scent conjured up to make wishes come true”

  • Conference for entrepreneurial women at Taujėnai Manor

  • Eugenijus Chrebtovas concert at Taujėnai Manor “Pearls of Lithuanian Music”

  • Therapeutic event for women “Scent that creates miracles”