Summer activities in Taujėnai Manor

Summer activities in Taujėnai Manor

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Taujėnai Manor invites you to spend your weekends in its guest house, offering spaces and entertainment for your leisure time.

All services are included in the price of the park ticket:

⭐Children under 2 years free
⭐Children up to 18 years old – 3 € / person
⭐Adults – 6 € / person

Opening hours: I-VII / 10am-8pm

In the summer you can also take advantage of the usual Taujėnai Manor offers: take a walk in the park, visit the menagerie, enjoy Lavazza coffee and book an overnight stay in the authentic rooms (overnight stay is free of charge).

Manor Park is the perfect place for a birthday celebration. Guests can use the barbecue area, visit the menagerie, and enjoy the children’s trampolines for free upon payment of the entrance fee.


Every summer weekend, young visitors can enjoy trampoline fun at Taujėnai Manor. It’s a great idea for a children’s birthday party, but keep in mind that on Saturdays and Sundays they will be available for all the little guests of the estate.

Trampolines are also available on weekdays for an extra charge: the first hour costs EUR 75 and each additional hour costs EUR 25. Then the fun on the trampoline will be just for your company!

Taujėnai Manor Park has a volleyball and mini-soccer court. Remember to bring your own ball. Perfect for those who like to be active. Games are played with a personal ball, so don’t forget to bring one.

The small lake next to Taujėnai Manor is teeming with fish. Bring your fishing rod and bait, and enjoy fishing. If you prefer, you can relax on the beach. Later have a delicious lunch at Lėkštės Studio.

Taujėnai Manor invites you to try petanque. It is played between two teams competing in a metal ball throwing competition. The aim of the game is to place as many of your balls as possible next to a small wooden target called a ‘kashanet’. The good news is that petanque is suitable for all players of all ages and abilities.
Get your team together and enjoy this engaging game!

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