Ice Sculpture Festival “Ice Tales”

Ice Sculpture Festival “Ice Tales”

About the event

The Ice Sculpture Festival “Ice Tales” returns to Taujėnai Manor!

Visitors are welcome from 19 January to 29 February, I-IV from 12 to 18:00, V-VII from 12 to 21:00.

This year, the Ice Sculpture Park will feature more than 33 000 kg of clear and, unusually, coloured ice sculptures that will provide visitors with a true winter fairy tale. The ice sculptures will also be on display in Taujėnai Manor Park, but the main exhibition will be held in a pavilion turned into a forest. The exhibition will be beautifully lit and isolated from the elements, so that you can enjoy the ice sculptures for as long as possible. Wonderful creators will make culture meaningful through art.

Festival guests are invited to visit four spaces:

  • coloured ice;

  • mystique;

  • traditional fairy tales;

  • ice queens.

For those who are hungry, warm waffles, doughnuts, smoked fish and other delicacies are available. There will also be a café “Lėkštės studija”. You won’t be able to taste the forest produce, though – it will be frozen.

I-IV 6 € / person, seniors and disabled 3 € / person V-VII 10 € / person, seniors and disabled 3 € / person Children under 4 years of age are admitted free of charge.

For groups of 15 or more persons. 10%. discount.

Tickets can only be purchased on site.

The ticket price includes a walk around the Taujėnai Manor and the park and menagerie.

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