On 18 March at 13:00 we invite you to participate in the seminar “What do women want and how to tell men about it?” by the lecturer, businessman Valerij Krasockij, which will take place at Taujėnai Manor.You will enjoy the knowledge and your children will be kept busy by the therapist Monika, who will take you to the menagerie and to the Taujėnai manor together.
After the seminar, we will have lunch and then go to the sauna to enjoy the exfoliating sauna treatments and herbal tea.
At the workshop you will learn:
  • Is it important to love or to be loved? Value balance – what is it?
  • Relationships based only on sex? Is there something more important?

  • How to find a strong man worthy of you?

  • Is it effective for a woman to motivate her husband to marry?

  • How to fulfill all your desires through your husband and improve your relationship?

  • How to resolve the dilemma and get your loved one back?

  • A very frank talk about the synergy between man and woman – nature’s synergy for discovering partnership success!

The whole event will last about 3 hours.
Price for a mum / mum with one child – 35 euros. (for more than 1 child, an extra charge of EUR 10 applies, children aged 6-14 years).
Payment by bank transfer.