In October, MonArt’s founder, therapist Monika, invites you to join her for an unusual individual perfume creation therapy where all your senses will be awakened: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch.

During the event, we will create a personalised fragrance blend and, using the magic of Halloween, we will also conjure it up to make good wishes come true. Participants can also enjoy a magical ritual with flaming amber dust.

Monika’s experience, analysis and research show that magic does not take long to become reality when a person plans the realisation of his/her desires, makes a visualisation chart and commits to the plan. By improving our concentration, we can achieve results that seemed like a miracle not so long ago.

The event will take place at dusk, in the mystically decorated Taujėnai Manor Menor, and you will be accompanied on your journey of scents by Monika, who has turned into a sorceress.

You can participate at your convenience:

  • 13 October 4 pm;
  • 14 October. 4 pm;
  • 15 October 4 pm;
  • 21 October 4 pm;
  • 22 October 4 pm;
  • 28 October 4 pm;
  • 29 October 4 pm;
  • 31 October 4 pm.

Duration – 1.5 hours.

The event is open to girls aged 7 and up, women and seniors.

Price – 40 eur / person.

The price also includes a ticket for the Taujėnai Manor Halloween Festival (unlimited time, €10 discount for those who purchase a ticket in advance).

Registration by phone +370 601 66 780. The number of participants is limited.