Family Fitness Day at Taujėnai Manor

Family Fitness Day at Taujėnai Manor

About the event

Families are invited to have fun together, create together, exercise together and relax together.

Enjoy sauna treatments, massage therapies, family group workouts, children’s aromatherapy and animal companionship at Taujėnai Manor.


Option 1

40€ for an adult with a child from 7 to 14 years. The price includes:

  • Group fitness training for adults;

  • Children’s aromatherapy;

  • Adult sauna and sauna treatments;

  • Group sports training for a child;

  • Natural herbal tea after your sauna;

  • Treatment with a foot stimulator track;

  • Massage therapy lesson for a group;

  • Visiting the zoo and feeding the animals;

  • Children’s playground.

Option 2

35€ per adult without child. Children’s exercise, aromatherapy and playground are not included.

Pre-registration is required by phone or text +370 601 66 780.

In case of bad weather, the training will take place indoors.
The number of people is limited. We will organise an extra group if needed.

Taujėnai Manor reserves the right to cancel the event.

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